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We understand that becoming pregnant and having a baby is an exciting time but it may feel overwhelming too. This website has been set up for the women and families of Derbyshire giving trustworthy NHS advice to help you through. You can also find out more about your choices, the maternity units available to you, and other local services which can help you and your family throughout your journey.


Discover more about your choices for maternity care in Derbyshire.

Bump, Birth & Beyond

Moving through the three stages of your pregnancy journey can bring up a lot of questions and the information available can be overwhelming. We've created three areas for you to explore, covering everything from scans and tests, to what kind of exercise and lifestyle changes you can make to help you feel at your best.

Movement Matters

If you’re pregnant and have noticed a change in your baby’s normal movements contact your maternity unit as soon as you can to check it out.

Parent Hub

Becoming a parent can be a daunting and overwhelming time. The Parent Hub area aims to give you practical advice on how best to support your pregnant partner and tips to help with the transition.


Find local services & groups

Find out where local services and groups are which may be helpful for yourself and your partner during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

Your Stories...

It was the best and most empowering experience of my life!”
- Jade
Remember you have lots of choice about what happens to your body.”
- Laura
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